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The Yoga Bible: A Beginners Guide

Savasana, Chaturanga, Mudra… If you’re a ‘new-age newbie’ sometimes it’s easy to get confused when you’re exploring the world of wellness, not to mention Yoga. From bendy poses to breathing exercises, we’re here to give you the tea on the physical and mental saviour of this mindfulness practise with our Yoga bible.

  1. What Is Yoga
  2. Types of Yoga
  3. The Benefits
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What Is Yoga?

The ancient practice of Yoga is a type of exercise that aims to strengthen the body and improve flexibility. Combined with synchronised breathing, Yoga can transform your mind, body and soul. The art form stems back over 5000 years ago and originated in India. 

The word ‘Yoga’ is Sanskrit for ‘union or yoke’, it is designed to connect the human experience with the spiritual with the divine. Not only does Yoga enhance your spiritual connection to your higher power but it also teaches discipline while promoting better health and relaxation.

“Yoga does not just change the way we see things, it transforms the person who sees. 
B.K.S Iyengar
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Types of Yoga


Through Yoga Moksha, or liberation, can be achieved and using the right kind of type for you will help you to experience realms of nirvana you never thought possible. Here are some of the various types of Yoga that you can encounter.


Vinyasa Yoga

This is the flow from one movement to the next using breath work as you go along, resulting in balance. The liquid-like flow of position sequences will challenge you and build strength. This is one of the most popular styles of Yoga 


Iyengar Yoga

Focuses on the posture and alignment of the body. Each movement is detailed and requires conscious thought and effort. It works wonders for those with bad posture. Often, props such as blocks, straps and belts are used to help each individual find the correct alignment for them.  


Yin Yoga

This is a slow deep form of Yoga where each pose is held for a considerable amount of time to help stretch and loosen the tendons and ligaments. It can vastly improve flexibility and relieve aches and pains within the body. This form of Yoga gives you time to reflect, making it perfect for meditation.  


Anusara Yoga

This heart focused variation of Yoga helps one to embrace the positive goodness of life. It is the modern version of the Hatha Yoga system. In Sanskrit, it means ‘Flowing with grace’. It was developed by John Friend in 1997.


Ashtanga Yoga

The meaning of ‘ashtanga’ is ‘eight limbs’, this form of Yoga is dynamic that aims to detoxify the body and produces heat from within by using various sequences of poses, also accompanied by deep breathing.   


Prenatal Yoga

This form of Yoga prepares the body for childbirth by strengthening the body. It can also ease any discomfort that the person in question may be experiencing and using breathing exercises can help calm any anxieties about childbirth and prepare the mind for delivery. 


Jivamukti Yoga

 It is an intense and energetic form of Yoga. This hybrid and liberating style of Yoga was created by David Life and Sharon Gannon. The name Jivamukti derives from the Sanskrit word Jiva, living substance, and Mukti, salvation.

The five main components of Jivamukti Yoga are:

  • Scripture (shastra)
  • Devotion (bhakti)
  • Non-violence (ahimsa)
  • Music (nada)
  • Meditation (dhyana)


Hatha Yoga

Mild and moderate, this style of Yoga is great for beginners with its gentle flow and relaxed style. It is a well-loved style that will fit in with your lifestyle and will help to gain a greater relationship with your body. Like its meaning Hatha Yoga is designed to help you attain a state of Yoga through force. 


Restorative Yoga

If relaxation is your aim then this is the Yoga for you. As with the name, this variation of the artform will restore your sense of peace, encouraging you to slow down and be in the moment. There are few poses used in this class and some are supported by the use of props of an acrobatic nature.


Bikram Yoga

Hot Yoga has gained notable popularity for a variety of reasons. By heating the room to approximately 41c (105f) and engaging in a range of poses it claims to stretch and detoxify the body while relieving stress. 


Kundalini Yoga

This is an uplifting experience in the form of movement, meditation and various poses. Mantras are chanted and vitality is discovered through the practice of Kundalini Yoga. This form of Yoga will release stagnant energy from your chakras. 

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The Benefits



You might not be able to pop your feet behind your head after your first class but you’ll definitely feel ‘bendier’ in the long run. Yoga will stretch your joints and leave your muscles feeling supple and strong. Say goodbye to tight hamstrings and all-around stiffness with the power of Yoga.



Iron out that spine and hold your head high. Regular practice of Yoga will improve your posture, helping to correct any aches and pains that you may experience as a result of poor alignment of the body. The right Yoga session will give you the tools to walk with confidence and have better posture.  


Blood Flow

Exercise will get your blood pumping and your circulation flowing, Yoga is no exception. Whether you’re practising downward dog or cobra pose you will feel the benefits of better blood flow throughout your body. It will increase the circulation of oxygen throughout your body as well as the essential nutrients needed to nurture your body. 


Relieves Stress and Anxiety 

Yoga is the perfect antidote to the frustrations and pitfalls that life can throw at us. It can help you to bring a sense of calm and peace into your life, thus improving your mental health and overall mindset. Adding Yoga to your wellness routine will relieve tension and fill your life with more positivity and abundance. 


Better Sleep

If you’re in need of a good snooze Yoga might just be the answer. Yoga can help to relax the mind and body, providing the catalyst for a deep and restful slumber. By integrating Yoga into your routine you can benefit from a calmer demeanour and unwind your body, mind and soul resulting in a night of dreamy sleep. 

There’s a reason why Yoga is so popular, take advantage of the amazing benefits and transform your life today.


~ Namaste

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