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How To Look Good NAKED

When it’s time to get your kit off you want to make sure that you are in your prime. Everybody deserves to love their naked body, you included, which is why we’ve put together these insights into how you can look good naked. We want you to feel powerful and attractive in your natural form. 

The secret to looking good naked is finding a good balance of self-love, confidence and having a healthy wellness routine. With the right mindset, you will become more fabulous and look incredible naked. If you want to know how to look good naked then keep reading. 

How To Look Good Naked - Tips and Tricks

Moisturise Your Skin

There’s nothing sexier than soft, supple skin. A good moisturiser will restore elasticity to your skin and improve its appearance. When you’re standing naked in front of the mirror or your partner, you’ll notice a difference in the way you feel when you make an effort to moisturise your skin.

A thick and creamy lotion will soften and soothe your skin Slather on your body and massage it in to reap its benefits. As an added bonus, pick a scented moisturiser to leave you smelling gorgeous. 



Regardless of whether your goal is to shed some weight or tone up, your exercise routine has the potential to improve the way you look naked. The feel-good factor of a good workout session will change your perception of your body and increase feelings of happiness. It’s worth getting a good workout in if you want to look good naked.

Start off with an exercise plan that can ease you into your new routine. If you want something with a slower pace try yoga or tai-chi, its gentle rhythm is perfect for beginners. Running and boxing are perfect if you want to raise your heart rate and pick up the pace.  

tanned skin

Get That Sun-Kissed Glow

Treat yourself to a tantalizing tan that will leave you looking like a bronzed God or Goddess. By grabbing some time in the sun not only will you increase your vitamin D levels but also the serotonin in your body. These chemicals that naturally occur in the body will help you to improve your mood and love what you see in the mirror.

A tan will give you confidence and illuminate your skin. Make sure that you sunbathe responsibility and avoid sunbeds. Invest in a reputable sunscreen and say hello to summer skin. 


Keep The Lights On 

If you’re guilty of switching the lights off before you do the deed you may need to reevaluate your thought process. If you want to feel comfortable when you’re in the buff then skulking around in the darkness isn’t the answer. Put yourself in the spotlight and prance around like the star you are.

If you want to feel sexier with the lights on try setting the mood with some candles and ambient lighting. Even if you’re by yourself, the right atmosphere and flattering lighting can make you feel amazing and showcase your body in the best way. Up the ante and pop on some music that makes you feel empowered.

Eat Well

Ditch the processed food and adopt a more balanced diet. You are what you eat, adding more fruits and veggies to your diet can release endorphins and help you to feel good in your (naked) skin. A conscious and healthy mindset to what you put in your body can help you to keep off unwanted pounds and make you glow from within.

Eat your way to a sexy naked body. Though it’s fine to indulge in some treats every now and then, it’s important to make sure that you’re not overdoing it. Make sure that the food you consume fits in with your lifestyle and the health goals that you have in mind for your body. 


Drink Water

Flush out those nasty toxins and drink more water. The more H2O you consume the better your skin will look, water is truly one of mother nature’s best beauty treatments. Try drinking at least a litre of water a day to see a difference, inside and out.  

Incorporating and drinking more water into your daily routine can reduce bloating, boost your mood and increase your energy levels. All of these factors will help you to feel good about yourself and improve the way you look naked. Stay hydrated and top up your water intake.


Own Your Bits

It’s time for you to love your jiggly thighs and dimpled buttocks. Rather than hiding away and covering up your bumps and curves, you should celebrate every inch of your skin. If you’re more on the thin side and struggle to love your appearance you should appreciate your body too.

You are beautiful. The moment you start to believe this is the point when you won’t just look good naked, you’ll look AMAZING! Stand in front of a mirror and strike a pose. Take in everything you see and admire your dazzling and delicious derriere to your beguiling bosom.  

How to look good naked

Groom Your Garden

Now let us just say that this is OPTIONAL! If you’re a fan of your lady lawn or man mane there is no reason to shave it off. The whole point of experimenting with these different ideas is for you to find out what works best for you. If you feel better when you’re plucked and waxed then primping your pubic area will give you a huge confidence boost.

The key is to make sure that you are doing it for yourself, not another person. If you’re more into the jungle fever look than the Brazilian, do you. You can manscape and trim your bush in whatever shape or length you like, just make sure that you feel good while doing it. 

So you’ve discovered how to look good naked, congrats! If you’re on a personal development journey here are The Secrets to Building Your Confidence. Plus, follow us on Twitter to get more great content.

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