The Relationship Between Wellness and Health

Health and wellness are two words that seem to be used interchangeably by many people. But, they represent two different things. Health is the absence of disease or infirmity, wellness is an active state of physical, mental and social wellbeing. So what does wellness do for health?

Wellness improves your quality of life because it will make you feel better about yourself! In this article, we will explore wellness and explain what steps you can take to improve your health. Our goal is to help you understand the difference between wellness and health so that you can take control of both!

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What is Wellness?

Wellness is your state of being.  When you actively pursue a more balanced body, mind and soul you begin to improve your life. It’s not just physical wellness, but also mental wellness. If you want to improve your state of being and wellbeing in general, then it becomes very important that you understand what health really means—and the differences between wellness and health.

When you focus on your wellness you begin to thrive rather than just survive. It can affect you spiritually, financially, socially, intellectually, and of course, negatively impact your health. When your wellness and health are restored you become more robust, alive and full of energy.

wellness and health

What is Health

A person has health when they are free from any diseases or disabilities. It means that wellness and health aren’t one and the same, but wellness can certainly affect your state of being. Your mental and physical condition affects your level of health.  When you are healthy you are better equipped to deal with the demands of everyday life.

We’ve all experienced ill health in some way, shape or form. From a niggling cold to a serious illness, once our levels of health are depleted we immediately think back to when we were well. Our health is the definition of wealth.

Wellness vs Health

When we talk about wellness, most people think about physical wellness or mental wellness. Wellness is meant to be a way of life, whereas health only refers to your fitness and vitality. While wellness might affect your state of being in terms of health, it doesn’t necessarily mean that wellness will improve your physical condition

Wellness implies a better state of being for an individual. It’s something you can pursue alone or with the help of others—a community group, friends or family members. Everyone wants wellness for themselves yet the constant hustle and bustle of everyday life affects us.

Wellness and health, in general, is all about caring for yourself. It’s the state of being happy and healthy within yourself which will reflect outwardly on how you feel physically. When you take time out for yourself and focus on getting some much-needed TLC your state of being will improve.

Your wellness is directly related to your health. If you are leading a happy, healthy life then it’s fair to assume that your wellness levels will be on an all-time high. It’s important that you know how to improve your wellness and, ultimately, your health.

6 Wellness Tips To Improve Health

Here are some top tips to help you feel and look good from the inside out. Take these techniques on board and soon you’ll see improvements in your wellness and health.


Eat a Balanced Diet

A wellness tip to improve health is to eat healthy, nutritious foods daily. This includes whole grains, fruits vegetables, lean meat proteins, dairy products like milk or yoghurt, fish with omega-fatty acids – such as salmon or tuna – nuts, legumes and grains.


Get Quality Sleep

Another wellness and health tip to improve health is to get the recommended amount of sleep each night. The average adult needs about eight hours per night, but some people may need more or less than that.  Lack of sleep can leave you feeling groggy and out of sorts. Make sure that you’re getting enough rest to ensure that you’re at your best.


Exercise Daily

An important technique to improve health is exercising regularly. Working out and incorporating a fitness plan into your everyday routine is essential.  This can be accomplished by walking, climbing stairs, running or any other physical activity. Every little helps, get in those steps and get your heart racing – you’ll benefit from it in the long run.


Be Positive and Happy

You may not think your mood affects how well you are taking care of yourself but it does. So make sure you maintain a positive outlook on life because when the mind is at peace so too will the body be. Try to reduce your stress by practising gratitude and changing your approach to life. Your mentality can impact your health for the better or the worse.


Meditate and Relax Your Mind

Another important wellness technique is meditation to relax the mind – it’s a great way to lower stress, anxiety and depression so you can maintain good health mentally as well as physically. You don’t have to become a Buddhist monk or hide away in the mountains in order to meditate; just a few minutes of mindfulness a day makes all the difference.

If you want to up your wellness game why not book a relaxing retreat? Read about our top 10 wellness retreats around the world.

Taking Care of Your Body

The wellness approach is holistic, focusing on the mind, body and spirit together. A great way of improving your wellness and health is by practising self-care.  Pamper yourself by indulging in a spa day. You could even curl up in a peaceful area and read a book. If it brings you joy, do it!


Overall, working on your wellness and health can have an amazing effect on you. Wellness is a lifestyle, not an exam you constantly have to ace. With time and practice, you will get into the swing of being more aware and positive. The wellness approach takes the pressure off of you to be perfect so that you can enjoy your life and all it has to offer. 

Take a look at how you’re living your life and see how you can make improvements.  It may be as simple as spending time outside every day or making more space for your loved ones in your life.  Wellness is all about being happy and healthy, so take the time to invest in your wellbeing today and live a life fulfilled. Your health will be better for it!

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