What Is the Law of Attraction? – The Ultimate Guide

We all want to improve our lives. There’s nothing better than feeling like you’re on top and that you’re headed in the right direction. Well, the truth is that you have total control over your reality and you can create the experiences that you want. In this article, we’ll answer your burning question… What is the Law of Attraction? 

Whether or not you understand the Law of Attraction you are living it every day. It is a part of all of our lives and it continues to govern the very fabric of the universe. It is through this law that you can build the lifestyle that you want, turn your circumstances around and break out of negative cycles.

This is the ultimate guide to the Law of Attraction. Once you begin to see past your limiting beliefs and discover your power you’ll never look back. In the Age of Aquarius, we will all have our awakening and today is the moment that you take a massive leap into your spiritual journey.

Not only will we teach you the Law of Attraction but we’ll also help you to work with it in a conscious way. You’ll begin to master the art of manifestation and change the way that you see the world. If you’re ready to upgrade your life then keep reading…

What Is the Law of Attraction?

The Law of Attraction is a universal law and the basis of the New Thought spiritual movement. It states that like attracts like, meaning that what you put out will come back to you. Essentially, we are like magnets, the metaphysical power of our thoughts and feelings manifests like-for-like experiences, people and events into our lives. 


Everything in this universe is created from the same energetic fabric. From the stars in the night sky to our thoughts, everything is connected. When your thoughts and feelings are aligned with something that you want you will attract it. As you emit a certain energy you will receive more of it in return.


Your reality is, and continues to be, created by the thoughts and emotions that you experience. When you emit positive frequencies you will attract positivity back, the same principle is also applied to the less desirable, negative experiences that we generally wish to avoid. It affects everything in your life from your relationships to your health and your finances.


The beauty of the Law of Attraction is that you can use your power to mould your reality into something that is more aligned with your desires. For instance, if you’re unhappy with your current home you can consciously manifest circumstances that enable you to move into somewhere that is more suitable for you. You can make the Law of Attraction work for you.


There is potential in everything around you. From a simple brief thought to holding on to a feeling, it can be used to attract everything you could ever want. Being aware of your spiritual gifts will elevate your life and transform every area of your existence. 


From the moment you decide to switch focus and give your energy to what you want you will manifest it. This is the law, it is an important part of our lives whether or not we are aware of it. You are a creator, a God-like being who can influence events across the universe.

The History Behind the Law of Attraction

Though the Law of Attraction may be part of the New Thought ideologies it’s certainly not a new concept. Ancient texts have referenced the law since the dawn of time. It is a part of the circle of life and the cycle of energy going in and out of form. It has always existed and it always will.

The ancient Egyptians (formerly Kemites) knew of the secret. They understood the ​​principles of creation and the importance of energy. This was also echoed in various African kingdoms and empires such as the Ashanti and Kush, as well as spiritual religions like Ifa. In The Teaching for King Merikare, an ancient Egyptian guidebook written by a king for his son, it states “Be proficient in speech, so that you may be strong, For the strength of a king is his tongue. Words are mightier than any struggle, and no one can outsmart him who is skilled of heart.” 

Ancient Greek Hermetics also knew the secrets to self-mastery. The Kybalion, a book that explores the Hermetic Philosophy of Ancient Egypt and Greece and the teachings of Hermes Trismegistus, teaches that ‘all is in the mind’ and that ‘the universe is mental’. It focuses on the theory that everything is connected within a universal mind. There are also seven laws within the texts that are connected to the Law of Attraction, two of which are noticeably similar – the law of vibration and the law of cause and effect.

In addition, the ancient Babylonians knew of the secrets of our universe. Through their teaching, the people of their empire benefited from prosperity and wealth, both tangible and that of the mind. This incredible civilisation found success through their spirituality which is now being studied by world-class philosophers. 

Another reference toward the Law of Attraction can be found in the Bible. Estimated to have been written between 1200 and 165 BC, the scriptures hold a fascinating insight into the Law of Attraction.  Mark 9:23 states, “If thou can believe, all things are possible, to him that believeth.” 

Matthew 7:7-8 reveals, “Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you: For every one that asketh receiveth; and he that seeketh findeth; and to him that knocketh it shall be opened.”

Today, the Law of Attraction is a mainstream concept that has swept around the world with the help of popular documentaries like The Secret and bestselling books along the lines of Ask and It Is Given by Jerry and Esther Hicks.

There are many celebrity law of attraction success stories as well as tales of people all around the world who have used it to manifest their desires. As more people become aware of the law, lives will improve around the world and miracles become more commonplace.

law of attraction

How to Use the Law of Attraction

The fundamental principles behind the Law of Attraction are to set your intention, believe and expect your manifestation to take place. By understanding this order and putting it into practice you can attract all of your wishes and live the life of your dreams. The Law of Attraction doesn’t need to be complicated, in fact, the more simple you can make things the better your outcome will be.


Here is a breakdown of how to use the Law of Attraction. 

Set Your Intention

To set your intention is to be specific about what you want and to ask the universe for your desires. When you are clear on what you want to manifest, the universe also has clarity. The trick is to know exactly what you want. 


Once your heart and your mind latch on to the idea of you having your desire you begin the attraction process. Your intention is set the moment that you put your energy toward something. In the case of conscious manifestation, you have to deliberately direct your magnetic frequency toward what you wish to attract.


Once you believe that what you want is possible, nothing can stop you. Your mindset and your belief system are some of the most powerful tools that you have at your disposal. You are exactly what you think you are, meaning that your beliefs about yourself and your life and the driving force behind everything that you manifest, intention or otherwise. 

For your manifestation to take place you need to shift your belief system so it aligns with what you want. If you want to attract your soulmate you have to believe that you are loveable. If you want a new car you have to believe that the right one will come to you at the right moment. Changing your beliefs to accommodate your manifestation process also means evaluating the limitations that you hold.

Any limiting beliefs and blockages that you have must be resolved and dealt with. The moment that you start to doubt yourself or focus on negative beliefs you will delay your manifestation. Trust the process!


When you order something online you expect it to arrive. You might move things around in your space before its arrival, you may even get excited. This is exactly how you should behave when you put out a request to the universe. You should act as if it is on its way to you. 


Feel good about your manifestation and expect it to come your way. Change your thoughts from ‘it’ll come eventually’ to ‘it’s already mine!’. Expect miracles and they will become part of your reality! No matter what you want, when you behave as if you have already received your manifestation it will appear faster than you could possibly imagine.

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Manifestation Techniques


The power of the mind is undeniable. Visualisation is an incredible exercise that will help you to attract your dreams. It involves creating a vivid picture or ‘video’ in your mind where you can see yourself having already achieved what you want. What sets visualisation apart from other manifestation techniques is that you use your senses to create an extrasensory experience.

For manifestations about health, you can use your senses and visualisation to attract more vitality and healing. You must:

See yourself looking better than you ever have

Feel positive energy pumping through your veins

Hear your doctor telling you that your health is perfect

Taste nutritional food and hydrating water as it works its way through your system

Smell fresh air as it restores your lungs

Use your senses to complete the image that you have in your mind. Find somewhere quiet and practice visualising. Soon you will see incredible results. We recommend using Lilou Mace’s Quick and Effective Creative Visualisation, based on the work of Shakti Gawain. It’s perfect for beginners and is known to spark miracles in those who use it!

Script It

Scripting is the act of writing out your manifestation in great detail. Typically a journal is required, however, any form of writing equipment is acceptable so long as it feels good to you. Begin by scripting yourself as if you are living your dream life. Don’t skip out on any information, add as many features and elements to it as you can.


You want your words to come alive and for them to stir a fire inside of you. The more that you script the more that you can see yourself having the experience that you want. As you script you will find yourself transported into your reality and eventually it will manifest.

Act the Part

To get in energetic alignment with what you want acting as if is one of the most powerful techniques that you can use. It involves self-awareness and identifying what actions and thoughts that you have that contradict what you want to manifest. Asking for money but complaining about being broke is one common mistake that a lot of people make.


To act as if you have to be consistent, honest with yourself and willing to make changes to your general conduct, habits and mannerisms. Change your behaviour and the way that you approach situations. Your reaction to external events will determine your ability to attract what you want. 


For example, if you’ve struggled to conceive, start shopping for baby items and decorate your spare room. Put out the energy that you expect your little bundle of joy sooner than later. If you want to manifest a new job after a long bout of unemployment, set aside some work clothes in your wardrobe and organise them, shine your shoes and spruce up your online work profile. Take action and see the results take form in your life.

Practice Gratitude

Every time you are thankful you activate a state of abundance inside of you. Some people struggle with the Law of Attraction as they do not release that their default setting is to focus on the lack in their lives. How can you manifest more joy, prosperity and happiness in your life if you’re not grateful for what you already have?

By being grateful you are focusing on the blessings that you experience and all of the goodness that you already receive. It will help you to realise that you are enough, have enough and that even when you receive what you want you will already be appreciative. Gratitude will rewire your mindset to one that recognises positivity as standard and it also teaches you to be mindful which has a ton of benefits.  

When you are grateful for the things in your life you will manifest more of the same. To incorporate gratitude into your life, start every day with a list of at least five things that you are grateful for. The more that you do this the more grateful you will become and create the reality that you have been dreaming of.

The Law of Attraction is always working so why not use it consciously to create the life that you want? Release any resistance that you have, let go of negativity and start enjoying the creative process and the spiritual gifts that you possess. You have the power to make your life sparkle and shine. 

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