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Manifesting a Specific Person: The Truth

It’s controversial. Manifesting a specific person is one of the most talked-about topics in the Law of Attraction. Whether we’re trying to attract an ex or manifest a date with the hottie that moved in next door, we’ve all had moments where we wished that we could be with someone who seems a little out of reach. So, can it be done? Or better yet, should it? It’s time that we broke the truth on manifesting a specific person.

The Law of Attraction states that anything that we focus on we will attract, so why are people considered to be out of the equation? Consciously manifesting has infinite possibilities, there is nothing so big that the Universe can’t handle. It is our own limiting beliefs that tell us that it can’t be done

So in the question of whether or not you can manifest a specific person the answer is…

YES! You absolutely can.

We are all manifesting our own experiences, and part of that equation involves attracting people – conscious or not. But should you go out of your way to keep or bring someone into your life? Well that depends, if they were a part of your life and they left on bad terms you need to ask yourself not just what their value was to your life but what was yours to theirs? 

When manifesting a specific person you need to consider their needs as much as your own. What would they get out of being connected to you? Too often it’s easy for us to think with our ego and assume that our presence is enough for someone, however, we need to question whether or not our circumstances and mindset are in order before we go in pursuit of attracting that special someone.

Even if we have a deep desire to have that specific person in our lives, it’s important to make sure that we aren’t so caught up with the idea of having them around. Fulfilment should come from within, the joy that other people give us is just a bonus. It’s essential to understand that whether or not that person is in your life you still have your greatest asset – the person that you face whenever you look in the mirror.  

But what about free will??

If you are worried about whether or not you are infringing on another’s free will, this is not the case. Manifestations occur when you are in alignment and are an energetic match with the person that you wish to attract. For example, if someone you love is ill and you start to manifest that they will experience good health and they miraculously get better would you think that you’ve defied the laws of the Universe? Probably not. 

If you’re actively manifesting a new car and your neighbour offers to give you theirs for free have you manipulated them? Not at all. We are all creating our own individual experiences and they include people. In one way or another we all fit in with everyone’s plan, we are moved accordingly and end up in places and situations that allow us to flow together and fulfil our manifestations. It is by design.  

So how can I manifest a specific person into my life?

With a bit of patience and an unwavering belief that you will manifest that specific person into your life, you can create the outcome that you desire. If you want it, it’s yours. If you ask, it will be given. If you believe then you will succeed.

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Tips on Manifesting a Specific Person

Feel It

Our feelings are like transmitters that help us to attract and magnetise our desires. If you want to manifest your specific person, start to feel as if they are already in your life and feel grateful that you have the kind of relationship with them that you’ve always wanted. It’s important to raise your vibration and connect to a positive feeling state that will help you to manifest what you want. You have the power within to bring anything that you want into your life and it starts with your emotions.


Consciously imagining what you want to create the life that you dream of is one of the most effective ways of manifesting. By harnessing the creative power of the Universe we are directly sculpting the life that we have in front of us. The mental picture that you have in your minds will align with that specific energy for it to manifest into your life so start to improve that vision and focus on what you want. Visualise yourself with your specific person, feel all the emotions and use all of your senses to bring it to life. You are the artist of your earthly experience so draw the perfect picture and bring it into your experience. 

Self Love

If you want to receive love, you need to radiate it from every orifice of your soul. You must learn to love yourself wholeheartedly and embrace everything about yourself. From your hair to your skin, to your strengths and your flaws – they all make up the wonderful being that you are. Write down everything that you love about yourself and focus on all the goodness that makes you, you. Celebrate yourself and magnetise the epic love story that you want. 

Live Your life

While you’re expecting that person to walk into your life don’t forget to live it! Go out with your friends, take up a new hobby, take a trip somewhere – start to enjoy life exactly the way it is and let go of the feeling of waiting for your specific person to come to you. Your life shouldn’t be put on pause for the sake of someone else, they will come when the moment is right but in the meantime feel good about everything around you. Be present and learn how to release the need for control. Everything is yours for the taking, let go and allow it to happen.

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