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Get the Guy and Attract Your Ex Back

Breakups are tough – the tears, the yearning and the large tubs of ice-cream that we seem to drown ourselves in. Heartbreak is painful enough without the thought that you might not ever be reunited with your sweetie. However, where there are breakups there are also makeups and all the joys that come with it. 

There are countless success stories for manifesting your ex back, no matter how impossible it may seem there is always a way with the Law of Attraction. If you’re looking to restore the romance back into your life and attract your ex then you need tips and tricks that will send them heading your way.

 Are They the One?

A fresh breakup will have you doubting whether you could ever be with anybody else, but is that the case? If you want to manifest your ex back you need to know in your heart that they are the person that you are meant to be with. Do you have a case of the ‘rebound regrets’ or are you feeling the effects of being separated from your soulmate? Be honest with yourself, it’s a tough pill to swallow but it’ll make you feel better in the long run.


Remove the rose-tinted glasses and write out a list of qualities that make up your dream partner then compare them to your ex. If they match up, go for the gold and get busy manifesting them into your life, if not there’s always someone better suited just around the corner.

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The Past Is the Past

It’s time to forgive and forget, to make way for a new relationship with your ex you need to lay the old one to rest. Taking the necessary steps to heal from the break down of your relationship will give you the closure that you need to start fresh with your ex. Remember, you’re not manifesting the relationship back you’re manifesting a better version of the connection that you had with your partner. Let bygones be bygones and move forward.



Start a vision board and post images of what you want your new relationship to look like. Use positive affirmations and choose imagery that accurately represents exactly what you want. Write your names on the vision board and start to feel good! This is the moment where your dreams will become your reality. 



The pictures in your mind will become the reality of your life so put on a good show and start to imagine what your life will be like when you get back together with your ex. Visualise the happy moments and feel the love – use all of your senses to make your dreams feel real. Creative visualisation will allow you to consciously create the life that you desire. Start to see yourself in the satisfying and harmonious relationship that you deserve, meditate on this vision and start to live it!



Settle down somewhere comfortable with your back straight and breathe deep, breathing in for 4 seconds, hold for 3 and release for 4. Feel your body start to relax and close your eyes, drinking in the serenity and peace that surrounds you. Countdown from 10 to one, taking deep breaths as you go. Start to visualise you and your partner doing whatever it is that makes you happy, hear them tell you that they love you and hold them close to you, knowing that your relationship is better than it ever has been. See this picture surrounded in a brilliant green light, connecting you to your heart chakra. Hold on to this image and feel it amplify it out into the Universe then watch it float away out toward the Universe, where it is manifesting. When you are ready, start to count from 1 to 10, gently stretching your limbs as you finally awaken back into your body.


Self Love

Love starts and ends with you. Any partner that you have should add more love to your life, not fill in the empty spaces. Relying on someone else to give you the love that you undoubtedly deserve is counterproductive to your joy. You are a product of the highest vibration in this Universe and as an infinite and abundant being, you should have the utmost highest standards and opinion of and for yourself. 



Start to affirm love and feel it as you let the words become your reality. Your ex may have given you love but you were already made from it, to begin with. Tap back into the reality of who you are and claim back the most important relationship that you will have with anybody – yourself.  


  1. I am divinely made

  2. I attract love and abundance everywhere I go

  3. I am beautiful

  4. I deserve happiness and joy

  5. I am enough

  6. I accept who I am with love and appreciation

  7. I am perfect, inside and out

  8. I allow myself to experience the best kind of love

  9. I respect and honour myself 

  10. I am a work of art

Let Go

So you’ve put in the work, you’ve stayed consistent and the next thing you know you’re racked with nerves and anxiety, questioning whether or not this will work. Stop right there! Stressing over whether it is possible that you can manifest your ex back to you will throw you off balance and put you in a negative feeling space.


Bad emotions attract bad outcomes, and doubt will knock you out of alignment with the very thing that you are asking for. Let go and let the Universe get to work – this is your time to relax and know that they are coming back to you. If you have asked the Universe for your ex to return then the wheels are already set in motion. With the right intention, your partner will manifest back into your life.



Any time that you start to feel doubt, smile and say thank you to the Universe. Offer up thanks that your manifestation is coming to you and show gratitude that the Cosmos is always with you, supporting your needs and desires. Expressing gratitude instead of fear will help you to build and gain trust in the Universe.


Your reality is anything that you want it to be and restoring the love that you shared with your ex is no exception. By changing your subconscious beliefs and working toward becoming a better version of yourself, you will experience the love that you want and live your best life. 


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