How to manifest money fast

How To Manifest Money Fast in 3 Steps!

If you’re cash strapped or looking for a boost to your bank balance the Law of Attraction is here to help. Once you harness the energy of money you can change your circumstances and begin your journey to wealth and prosperity. Here’s the lowdown on how to manifest money fast.

What Is Manifesting?

The act of manifesting is to consciously and intentionally bring your goals to life with the Law of Attraction. By aligning your energy with your desires you can draw them into your life. As a spiritual being, you are the creator of your reality and are full of manifesting magic. 

Everything that you experience, past, present and future, is a result of your thoughts and beliefs. They have a frequency that manifests what you are focusing on. What you give your energy and attention to will end up as part of your life experience in one way or another.


Your Money Manifestation Goals

No matter what your circumstances are you can turn it around with the power of the Law of Attraction. No goal is too big or difficult, the Universe can manifest large amounts just as easily as a few pennies. The value of money depends on how you perceive it, when you have a limited mindset you could assume that attracting £1,000,000 is more unrealistic than a smaller monetary figure such as £100.

The choice is up to you. By making simple changes to the way you think and feel about money you can live in splendour. In addition to shifting your views toward money, you need to set your intention. When you’re clear on what you want you will know where to set your focus. The Universe likes clarity, when you’re unsure about your desires you’ll struggle to manifest the money you want.

You can have anything that you could ever dream of. From the money to buy a new house, success in your business, a better paying job or a cash windfall – you have the power and potential to draw them into your experience. Trust and believe in what is possible and you will see it take form in your reality.  

How to manifest money fast

Why You’re Struggling To Manifest Money

Anyone who’s experienced misfortune in their finances will be familiar with the anxiety and negative thoughts that stem from cash flow problems. The stress and strain that money worries bring can cause you to enter into a cycle of negativity.

Your relationship with money is dependent on your beliefs and feelings toward it. From the messages that you absorbed during your youth to societal beliefs about success, they have all influenced the way you feel about money.  

Therefore when debt is staring you in the face or you feel as though you’re just scraping by it can exacerbate your situation. As you struggle with money you may unintentionally manifest an unexpected bill, when you start to notice a lack of funds in your bank account suddenly your car breaks down… it’s the age-old story of attraction, but thankfully there is a way for you to turn your money woes around. 


How To Manifest Money Fast 

So you’ve set your heart on manifesting more money and now you’re looking for the secret sauce to success with the Law of Attraction. We’re here to give you everything you need to bring your dreams to life. Here’s what you need to know to manifest money, fast!

Money Mantra and Affirmations

A mantra is a sacred sound vibration to help you focus your thoughts and align with your intentions. Originating in Buddhism and Hinduism, they are spoken in Sanskrit. Repeating mantras while focusing on the money you want to attract can help you to release your blocks and attract the abundance that you deserve. 

The best mantra for your finances targets the Root chakra. Balancing this energy centre can encourage a flow of wealth. As the Root is responsible for your basic survival it affects your finances, safety and security.

For a powerful manifesting money mantra you need to recite the word ‘Lam’. It will help you to release blockages in your root chakra and unleash your money-making potential. You can also combine it with affirmations to enhance your power. Here are some that you can try out for yourself: 

  • Manifesting money is straightforward, simple and effective
  • I attract money in my sleep, it’s that easy
  • I deserve to be prosperous
  • I can afford to buy anything I want
  • I am filthy, stinking rich!


If you want more powerful affirmations that can change your life check out our 50 positive affirmations for your soul

Money Meditation

The practice of mindfulness will keep you centred and aligned with your desires. By incorporating a money manifestation meditation into your spiritual routine you can improve your point of attraction and draw more moolah to you. 

Try out this money meditation and watch the cash roll in:


  • Find solace in a quiet space and start your meditation with your eyes closed. 
  • Focus on your breathing and countdown from 10 to 1. 
  • You should feel peaceful and calm and in a deep meditative state. If you are still aware of your body and surroundings take some extra time to continue with your deep breathing.
  • Visualise yourself looking at your bank balance and seeing it full of the money that you desire.
  • Emerge yourself in the feeling of being financially secure and connect with the emotions that come with it.
  • Get excited, feel gratitude and soak in the sensation of wealth.
  • Next, imagine yourself spending the money as you please. See yourself buying the car that you want and feel your hands on the steering wheel. Treat yourself to a meal at a 5* restaurant and smell the food – make your visualisation as real as possible.
  • You should feel motivated and full of energy as you do this meditation. Once you are satisfied and ready to return to the present, take a large, deep breath and count from 1 to 5 until you open your eyes.

Check out this powerful meditation.  How to manifest money fast – Attract Abundance of Money by Jason Stephenson.

how to manifest money fast

Money Crystals

The energy and vibration that crystals hold can help you in every area of your life, including your finances. With the right sacred stone, you can transform your life from broke to prosperous. You can use it in a variety of ways such as wearing it as jewellery, incorporating it into your meditation practice, placing it around your home or simply keeping it in your pocket. Here are the top crystals for manifesting money:


This phenomenal crystal will give you the prosperous life that you’ve always dreamt of. It’s sunshine energy will unblock your solar plexus and unleash your inner power. As you use Citrine it will help you to realise your potential and tap into the vibration of abundance. 


This stone will help you to clear any limiting beliefs that you have toward money. As you release blocks that are holding you back your relationship with money will flourish. As a result, you will notice that more money-making opportunities will come to you.  

Green Jade

The metaphysical properties of Green Jade are connected to wealth, prosperity and healthy finances. Traditionally, it has been used for centuries in Chinese culture to attract money. Using this stone will bring you good fortune and luck. 

If you have a scarcity mindset now is the time to make a change. Take these money manifestation tips on board, learn how to manifest money fast and cultivate the lifestyle that you deserve. While you aim to attract wealth don’t focus on how it will happen, let the Universe take care of business. With consistency and persistence, you will have everything you desire and more.

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