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50 Positive Affirmations for Your Soul

Every now and then we all need a little boost. Taking the time to look after our mental health and affirming positivity will change the way that you view yourself and level-up your life. By using affirmations you can shift your mindset and learn how to consciously take charge of your life, thus unlocking the magical ingredient to your personal success. 

Positive affirmations are powerful, concise statements that replace old, negative thought patterns with positive and motivational beliefs. No matter what your circumstances are, you can change the direction of your life by repeating these amazing statements and taking control of your destiny.

Speak life – positive words and thoughts will result in more positivity in your life, and quite like the opposite, speaking any kind of negativity will result in things that you don’t want coming into your experience. Take action today and fill your life with more love and affection and get the best out of it. The right affirmations will reprogram your life and empower you. 

Practice repeating affirmations over the course of a few weeks and you’ll see noticeable changes in your attitude and your day to day experiences. We are the co-creators of our life so why not choose to be positive and abundant? If you’re ready to change your life then keep reading for 50 positive affirmations for your soul.

Positive Affirmations

These positive affirmations are separated into specific categories to help you with any area of your life. Try them day and night to see a difference. Here are your positive affirmations.

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Take these inspirational affirmations and use them to keep your spirits raised. It’s the perfect pick me up for whenever you need a boost. You are in complete control of your life and you have the ability to create sparkle and wonder with the power of your words. Be inspired and act excited for the new life that you are manifesting in your life.  

Positive affirmations to spark inspiration:

  1. My spirit is blessed
  2. I have faith that the Universe will bring me positivity and joy
  3. I am loved by divine Source energy
  4. I am surrounded by abundance
  5. I am protected and kept safe, always
  6. My life is a magical adventure
  7. I make excellent choices for myself and others
  8. I forgive the past and let go
  9. My life is full of happiness and joy
  10. I trust the journey that I am on 
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Are you struggling to realise and achieve your goals? The most common reason for this is the limiting beliefs that some of us hold. These beliefs are usually passed down from the people around us and can have a detrimental effect on fulfilling our dreams. Mastering your mindset and instilling the right attitude will turn your life around and invite wealth, abundance and prosperity into your life.  

Positive affirmations for success:

  1. I am focused, driven and as a result, I am successful
  2. My dreams and goals always become my reality
  3. I am successful in everything I do
  4. Amazing opportunities always come my way
  5. There is nothing that I can’t achieve
  6. I am a powerful creator
  7. I am supremely talented 
  8. I excel as a leader
  9. My confidence allows me to take on any challenge
  10. I can and I will achieve anything I put my mind to 
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Whether it’s friends, family or a partner, having the right kind of connections in our lives can bring us more happiness. Improving the relationships that we have with others enriches our experiences and strengthens bonds with the people that we come to value the most. No matter what state the relationship is in it can be repaired by adopting a healthy and positive attitude toward it, cultivating deep and personal companionships.

Positive affirmations for relationships:

  1. The people in my life continuously benefit me and I do the same for them
  2. I attract only the best people around me
  3. It is easy for me to manifest positive relationships
  4. I am ready to experience more love in my life
  5. I open my heart to the loving people around
  6. I am a love magnet
  7. I encounter friendship wherever I go 
  8. My relationships are fulfilling
  9. I connect well with others
  10. The more love I give, the more I receive
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Love Yourself

Love the skin you’re in. Being comfortable and content with who you are is one of the most powerful things that you can achieve. Whether you’re looking in the mirror or going about your day you should feel confident and secure in yourself. Take the world head-on and build up your self-esteem by focusing on everything that makes you unique and wonderful. 

Positive affirmations for self-love:

  1. I take pleasure in being alone, I enjoy my own company
  2. I deserve love
  3. I love and put myself first, always
  4. I am beautiful, inside and out
  5. Every part of me is unique and wonderful
  6. I am a powerful force
  7. Every day, I blossom into a better person
  8. I am enough, which is plenty
  9. I am full of wisdom which grows more and more each day
  10. I am worthy of everything that I desire
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Good Health

The greatest wealth is health so don’t take it for granted. The condition of our physical and mental wellbeing affects the quality of our life so taking care of ourselves should be top of our list of priorities. Good health is the greatest gift of all. If you have a disease it only means that your body is in a state of ‘dis-ease’ which can be remedied by changing your approach and mindset to the state of your health. 

Positive affirmations for health:

  1. My body is strong and fit
  2. I radiate with perfect health
  3. My cells vibrate with positive energy
  4. I am at my perfect weight
  5. I am a survivor
  6. My life is full of wellness
  7. My body is working in the way that it should 
  8. I have optimal health
  9. I am thriving
  10. The older I get the younger I feel

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