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How to Attract High Vibe Friends

Imagine a moment in time where you are surrounded by amazing people that have nothing but love and admiration for you. You are supported and you are cared for, you all feel comfortable enough to share your deepest dreams, desires and successful manifestation stories. You share your wins and your losses, your hopes and your fears. These are your best friends, your spiritual tribe, they are the people you hold dear and they are there cheering you on as you journey through life.

Sounds great, doesn’t it?

Having like-minded and supportive friends is something that we all want and need, but finding soul connections with high vibrational beings seems to be easier said than done. 

As we get older, we get the impression that forging life-long connections gets harder and harder with most of us opting to build walls around us, keeping out the hurt and disappointment.

As conscious and spiritual individuals it’s common to feel as if we’re on the outside looking in. In the majority of cases, we don’t seem to gel with people and our mindset makes us seem alien to the world. So we find ourselves faced with two options: 

1) Blend in like a chameleon to our surroundings. 


2) Connect with people who vibrate on the same wavelength as us.

While we value the idea of having the high vibrational friendships it’s not uncommon for some people to settle for the next best thing. Be honest, how many of us have focused more on quantity than quality when it comes to friendships? Feeling lonely and misunderstood sometimes lead us to feel as if it’s better to have someone that’s adequate enough to spend our Saturday nights with than be alone, right? Wrong. 

As human beings, we are sociable creatures but that doesn’t excuse dismissing our principles and spending our precious time with the wrong types of people. Our energies are precious and should only be shared with those that are worthy and serve us. 

The innate social nature inside of us will yearn to seek out like minded people that understand and accept who we are. The question is, how do we find them?


How To Manifest Friends


What Kind of People Do I Want as Friends?

What are their likes and dislikes? How often do you want to spend time with them? Are they introverts or extroverts? Are you manifesting people in the same age group as you? Start to build out a list of the attributes that you want in your dream team. 

Be specific and set your intention, if you want to manifest high vibrational friendships then you need to know what you’re actively attracting. If you don’t know what you want then how can you expect to receive it?

Need a hand building your criteria? Check out and download our free specific person manifestation wish list!


What Kind of Friend Are You?

Attracting high vibe friends is one thing but in order to manifest them, you must be in alignment with what you want. So ask yourself, how closely do you resemble the list that you have created? If you’ve noted that you want friends who are active and athletic yet you’re a couch potato then this discrepancy could clash when you’re manifesting your soul tribe. 

Of course, opposites can attract, but you have the opportunity to manifest friends who will compliment you, right down to a tee. For example, If you want consistency in friends, then you also need to emit that energy. Start to show up for the people who are currently in your life and set a precedent. Become the best friend and companion that you can be, and you will manifest like for like in your life. 


Don’t Focus on the Lack

If you’ve struggled to maintain close connections with friends know that it doesn’t have to continue to be your current reality. You have the power to create the life that you want to live and keeping your attention focused on what you don’t have will only bring you more of the same. 

Shift your awareness and imagine your new life with your best friends. Feel excited that you have manifested people who have been hand-selected by you and the Universe. Mentally live in the picture that you have formed in your mind and expect them to come into your life. There is no such thing as a lack of abundance, only the limitations that we form in our minds.  


Feel Good About Yourself

When you love yourself the whole world will love you back. The energy that you omit will determine the outcome of your life. There is no greater relationship that you can have with someone than the one that you have with yourself. Take care of number 1 and nurture yourself. Self-deprecating thoughts and feelings about yourself will hold you back from forming strong bonds with other people and affect the life that you currently live.

Shift your vibration and start to reconnect with yourself. What makes you great? What are your favourite features of yourself? You are a magnificent being, you are stardust and chosen by the Divine. Know that you are enough, you are worthy and you are deserving of attracting the friendships that you desire. 

There’s no shame in wanting company and there’s nothing wrong with admitting that you want to manifest friends. The first step is knowing what you want and accepting that you can make the changes that you need to bring the right people into your life. We all need to feel wanted and appreciated from time to time, and who better than a true friend. Whether you want to attract a group of soul sisters or a guy that will be your best bud, the Universe will support you in all that you want to bring into your experience. 

You are the architect of your life so start building bridges and take the first steps toward attracting high vibe friends.   

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