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What Are Grabovoi Numbers?

If you’re on TikTok it’s likely that you’ve heard of Grabovoi numbers. The spiritual trend that’s taking over the internet has been lauded as the cheat codes of the universe. Whether you want to find the love of your life or become rich beyond your wildest dreams, Grabovoi numbers claim to bring you everything you want and more!

Grabovoi numbers are based around attraction, vibration and numerology. It is a manifestation technique that was created by the controversial mathematician Grigory Grabovoi. Though the founder of these miraculous codes might have a sketchy past, Grabovoi numbers have been proven to work by new agers and spiritualists alike.

According to numerology, the study of numbers, each numerical figure has a unique energetic vibration that is aligned with a meaning or message. This concept is also applied to the ever-popular angel numbers which are numerical sequences sent from ethereal guides.

Of course, one method may work for another person and yield completely different results for another. Regardless, it’s important to keep an open mind and try them out for yourself. You never know, you may have just stumbled upon your greatest discovery yet… 

Grabovoi Numbers

The Science Behind the Method

The universe is brimming and radiating with energy. It vibrates at different rates and is the foundation for everything in existence. Numbers harness energy in a powerful way that can be used to shift energetic misalignments in our electromagnetic field.

Grabovoi codes were constructed to create a certain energy signature that can shift your point of attraction to a more favourable one, change your vibrational frequency to heal your body and remove negative energy from your being.

They have the ability to transform your life. Opportunities that you didn’t know existed will find you, happiness can become your default setting and you will tap into the everlasting stream of abundance that the universe has to offer. Practical Guide to Using Number Sequences by Grigori Grabovoi can give you an in-depth view into how the numbers work and how you can best utilise them.

How to Use Grabovoi Numbers

There are several ways that you can incorporate grabovoi numbers into your spiritual routine. If you’re wondering how to use grabovoi numbers the good news is you can make it work in whichever way suits you. So long as you feel the connection and vibration of the numbers they will work for you.

There are several techniques and methods that you can use to tap into the energy of Grabovoi numbers. Try them out for yourself and see what works for you. As you adapt these practices and fit them into your spiritual routine you will see its life changing benefits. 

Write them on your wrist

Take a non-toxic pen and write out the grabovoi number that you want to focus on onto your wrist. As you go about your day as normal you’ll notice the grabovoi number and feel empowered as it works its magic in your life. 

Meditate on them

Find a grabovoi number that resonates with your goals and let it become the focus of your meditations. As you go within, feel the frequency of the numbers permeate throughout your being. As it uplifts you let it transform your life and manifest your desires.

Integrate them with 11×1

You may have heard of the 55×5 method, but what about 11×1? Instead of writing out your intention 55 times each day for 5 days, try doing it with your chosen grabovoi number over 1 day 11 times. The number 111 is a powerful numerical figure for manifestation, when you combine it with your high frequency grabovoi number you can attract your wishes faster than ever. 

Create Grabovoi Code Affirmations

Recite your grabovoi numbers first thing in the morning to help you sculpt your day and influence the course of your life. Affirmations are extremely powerful, they have the potential to reprogram your mindset and impregnate your mind with your intention.

Grabovoi Numbers

The Grabovoi Codes

Here are the Grabovoi codes that you need to turn your life around. From manifesting confidence to developing your entrepreneurial skills, you can find the help that you need. 

Unexpected Money:

520 741 8

If you could do with a boost to your finances this code will give you money from out of the blue. Prepare to be amazed and shocked at how fast this actually works. It’s instant prosperity that is easily accessible. 

Physical Healing: 9187948181

Don’t resort to damaging medications and negative beliefs about your health. This Grabovoi code will heal you from the inside out and help you to achieve optimal results. Over time you will benefit from increased vitality and improved wellness. 


888 412 1289018

If you’re looking for the love of your life congratulations you’ve stumbled upon the magic formula that will attract them into your life. You can now manifest a passionate, stable and dependable partner that will elevate you and bring you so much joy. Enjoy your poetic and dreamy love story! 



Find the serenity you crave and attract peace into your life. If everything is hectic and you want to mellow out this Grabovoi code can help you to relax and refresh. Tap into your inner zen and gain a sense of calm.

Self Esteem: 4818951749814

Work on your self esteem and feel good about yourself. With regular use this Grabovoi code will help you to develop a healthy relationship with yourself and gain the confidence you need. This sequence is seriously effective.

Entrepreneurship: 71974131981

Become the next Oprah Winfrey or George Foreman with this entrepreneurship code. Succeed in business, smash your goals and hit your targets. You can achieve so much with the vibrational frequency of 71974131981 behind you.



Develop compassion and become more graceful to those around you. The Grabovoi code 39119488061 will help you to become more understanding and aware of others’ feelings. It will make you a better friend and loved one in the long run.



Look your best and manifest everlasting beauty. This sequence will upgrade your looks, perfect if you’re looking for a glow up. If you want to work on your natural beauty this is a great place to start.

Weight Loss:


If you struggle to keep off the pounds this code can help you. Use it to maintain your ideal body weight and trim your figure. Many people have used this weight loss sequence to get the results they wanted.



Have you always wanted to have adoring fans scream your name? Well, now it can be possible with a little help from the Grabovoi code 8277247. Watch your follower count grow and bask in the limelight, this magic number will grant you the publicity and exposure that you have always dreamt about.

Rekindle Old Love:


If you’re still hankering after your ex this code will help you to get them back and restart your love story. The love that you have lost will come back to you and be better than ever. Try it for yourself and rekindle the spark between your long, lost love.

Steady and Long Term Income:


The numbers can guarantee you financial security and comfort. This is a great way to ease the pressure if you’re going through hardship. Using the Grabovoi code 9213140 is a powerful tool that will generate abundance in a multitude of ways.



If you’ve got the blues give the Grabovoi code 487042169 a go. Regularly meditating on it will help to raise your vibration and improve your mood. It’s a great way to tap into your inner joy and ensure you are content for the rest of your days. 

Academic Success: 960745288

If you have an exam coming up, want to boost your grades or guarantee your success, the Grabovoi code 960745288 can help you to reach your goals. Keep the numbers close by on a piece of paper when you’re studying. You could even recite them in your head whenever you need a little help in classes.

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