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Quick Ways To Raise Your Vibration

Did you know that our energetic vibrations influence how the universe responds to us? Every emotion and feeling that we emit or receive from outside stimuli has the potential to raise your vibration and draw our intentions toward us or repel them.

Your mood influences your vibration which affects every aspect of your life. Everything is vibrating – from the smallest molecules to the largest galaxies. There is nowhere you can go where there is no vibration. Everything is made up of energy created through vibrations. All matter has a vibration. 

Our emotions are part of the vibrational spectrum. When we feel good we attract like-for-like energies which affect our day to day experiences. This is why we need to be aware of the frequency that we are vibrating at!

Manifestation and Vibration

So, what can you do if you’re having a hard time communicating with the Universe? You’ve got to raise your energetic vibration so that you can improve yourself and your life.

If you’ve been looking for insights about raising your energetic vibration and learning how to live as a vibrational being, then you’ve come to the right place. If you want to bring more joy, love, money and happiness into your life, we have 3 words for you: Raise Your Vibration!

Whenever your vibration is low due to bad moods (such as anger, sadness or even boredom) you shift your point of attraction which results in you repelling your manifestations or attracting unwanted experiences. 

If you find yourself struggling to manifest your dreams learning how to raise your vibration will help you. You’ll begin to master your emotions and understand that the world around you is simply responding to your vibration. 

Our energetic vibration determines what we attract into our lives because like attracts like. Feeling joyful attracts joyful experiences, sadness attracts sadness and so on. When we feel low in vibration it can be hard to relate to higher vibrational realms, unless we do something to change it!

You can turn your life around from being overwhelmed with negativity, pessimism, and fear about your future to attracting abundance as easily as breathing air. Your manifestations will be possible once you shift your frequency and raise your vibration.

How to Raise Your Vibration

We now know that our energetic vibration is the single most important factor in successful manifestation. If you’re struggling to align your own vibration with what you want, here are 8 quick ways to raise your vibration:

raise your vibration

Pet Your Pets

Your furry friends have healing powers that can blast away negative energy and fill you with love. Cuddling and stroking your pets is a great way to raise your vibration. Their soothing energy can smooth away your worries and make you feel amazing. It’s a fact that cuddling pets such as cats and dogs release the happiness hormone called Oxytocin.

Say ‘Oum’

Meditation will bring you closer to your higher power and increase your emotional state tenfold. A simple mindful meditation can transform your life in more ways than one. It can elevate your mood, calm you and help you feel more connected to your intentions. Being more present and in the moment will grant you more peace, pleasure and prosperity in the long run.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you

Practising gratitude is one of the surest ways of raising your vibration. Every time you’re thankful, you emit powerful energy out to the universe and improve your emotional state dramatically. By just taking note of everything that you are grateful for you raise your vibration and align your frequency with abundance.

raise your vibration

Crystal Healing

Whether it’s Amethyst, Peridot or the infamous Moldavite, crystals are abundant with positive vibrations. Their healing energy is transformative and provides the balance that you need. They can clear away negative vibes and instil positive ones, helping you to climb up the emotional scale and manifest the hell out of your dreams!


Each crystal type has a different frequency so pick the one you use according to what you want to manifest. For example:


  • Rose Quartz is aligned with love – the highest vibration in the universe!
  • Selenite encourages feelings of peace 
  • Clear Quartz is the master healer

You Are What You Eat

As we said, vibration is everywhere – including in food! When you consume nourishing fruits, vegetables and grains you raise your vibration and are filled with positive energy. There’s a reason why you feel so sluggish and out of sorts after eating processed food, it’s because they’re low vibrational!


Switch out your unhealthy eating habits and become more conscious of being healthy. With every meal, you’ll infiltrate every cell with pure, lifeforce energy and attract miracles into your life. 


An apple a day will brighten your day!

Work It Out!

Not only does working out benefit your overall fitness but it also improves the emotions that you are feeling. Whether you’re bending yourself like a pretzel in a yoga class or running around the park like a track star, you will magically change your vibration. Exercise is an excellent manifestation hack. Regardless of whether your intention is big or small, you can successfully bring it into your life with ease.


The more you live in the present moment, the more your life will be enhanced. Exercises that get you outside of yourself and interested in things other than your to-do list for the day will help you raise your vibration. Of course, some exercises raise your vibration better than others. The best way to learn is to try these techniques and see what works for you – by raising your energy levels you will ultimately attract a better life experience.

A Walk in Nature

Get acquainted with Mother Nature. Spending time in the great outdoors will raise your vibration and give you the power to attract all of your wishes. Go on a hike, waltz around the woods or pick fruits in an orchard – whatever you enjoy make sure you go out and do it! This is especially important if you live in a big city. Sometimes, living in a concrete jungle can make you feel disconnected from the magic of nature over time.

raise your vibration

Sexy Time

If this isn’t an obvious one we’re not sure what is. Sex is the ultimate way to raise your vibration! The intimacy and closeness that it creates will open up your soul to some of the most powerful frequencies in this universe. At the end of the day, sex is the ultimate act of creation, including our manifestations. During the act, you will become a magnet for high vibrations while nourishing your heart centre and spirit.

From kinky cuddles to downright naughtiness, safe and fun sex will bring your manifestations to life. Enjoy the sensations and indulge in the fantasies that take place before. The orgasmic ride will heighten your senses and connect you with the divine. 

The key to raising your vibration is to use activities that are positive, uplifting and energizing. This will repel the lower energies and replace them with the vibrations you choose. Having a high vibration helps you manifest your desires more easily because things flow easily into your experience.

Remember, feeling happy is a choice! You can choose to feel happy today no matter what is going on in your life or in the world around you. Simply choose to bring more love and light into your daily experience and you will see a positive shift in your mood.

The only thing stopping you is you. So no matter where you go or what you do, remember that your life is up to you. If something isn’t working for you, change it. Your mind and your vibration are the only things keeping you from where you want to be, so stop dwelling on things that don’t serve you and start FEELING better! Happy manifesting.

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