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5 Effective Ways to Deal With Burnout From Work

Everyone is familiar with burnout from work. The combination of physical and mental exhaustion caused by excessive work demands can affect your ability to cope. The result is feelings of being overwhelmed, lack of drive, lack of interest in what you are doing or perhaps even resentment towards your organisation.

When the modern world demands so much of you it’s easy to become overworked and overstretched. With long hours, being underpaid for the amount of work done and even working in high-stress environments, many of us are feeling the burn.The Difference Between Stress and Burnout

How are stress and burnout different? Burnout is a chronic issue. Stress can be acute or chronic while burnout is always chronic. Stress leaves you feeling overwhelmed and exhausted, in comparison, burnout adds feelings of frustration and depletion.

When stress becomes burnout it prevents your ability to perform at work. It can put immense strain on your private life as well because stress has a physical impact on overall wellbeing, relationships and health.


How to Tell if You’re Burnout From Work

Burnout can come on gradually over time while others may experience it suddenly. It’s important to recognise when you’re burnout so you can deal with it effectively. There are many signs of burnout, but there are 6 main symptoms associated with burnout that you should be aware of.

Here you can read about burnout and how to recognise it in time:

1) You have less energy to do things that used to be fun.

2) You get tired more often than usual.

3) You can’t concentrate as well as you usually do.

4) You feel cynical and negative about things.

5) Things you normally enjoy seem boring to you at the moment.

6) Feeling of inefficacy or incompetence at work


When Burnout Is Diagnosed

If three or more of the previous statements apply to you then you’re probably burnout. It’s important to identify burnout early because when it isn’t handled in time it can be dangerous for your wellbeing and performance at work. Lucky for you, we’ve compiled 5 ways that you can deal with burnout from work.

burnout from work

5 Ways That You Can Deal With Burnout From Work

Here are several ways that you can deal with burnout. Don’t let yourself get to the point of being overwhelmed, take action and solve the problem with these amazing tips!


1. Workout when you can

Exercise has been shown to help with burnout as it’s a healthy way of getting rid of stress. You can go for a walk or jog, play sports or just work out in the gym. Regular exercise will reduce the risk of burnout. Exercise should free you from your troubles and leave you feeling uplifted. It’s amazing what a little exertion can do for your wellbeing.

2. Meditation and gain composure

Meditation is said to ease your body, mind and soul. It’s an ancient form of stress relief that has been around for thousands of years. By meditating, burnout from work goes away and you feel relaxed and calm again. Not only is meditation good for burnout but it’s also very effective in helping you deal with everyday problems.


3. Set better priorities

Burnout can be caused by having too many tasks on your to-do list. You can mitigate feelings of strain and stress by working out what the most important tasks are and focusing on those instead. Start by prioritising your workload and by dealing with them one at a time.


4. Sleep the burnout away!

Everyone knows sleep can keep burnout away, but people often prolong burnout by staying up late at night working or socialising. Of course, burnout is less likely to strike if you are getting enough sleep. Use aromatherapy to help you nod off or have a hot, soapy bath before bed to help you drift off.

5. Take a break

It sounds simple, doesn’t it? A career is built on results, so you shouldn’t start resting now just because burnout hits you. You have to change how things are done now so you won’t burn out again in the future. Instead of working to your breaking point, try to recognise when you’ve reached your limit and take a step back.

burnout from work

Burnout Is the Result of Your Actions- So Change Them!

Burnout from work is a serious problem. It’s an issue that needs to be addressed when you feel overwhelmed by your work and when you’re not taking care of yourself anymore. The thing about burnout is that it has a lot to do with the choices you make- this means that if you end up feeling burned out from work you can solve your problems by making small but significant changes.

Relieve burnout by managing your time and prioritising self-care. When you’re feeling burnout from work, start by taking back control over your time. Burnout from work can be managed with a proactive approach to deadlines and not checking emails all the time. Set strict boundaries between your work life and free time- this means that when you are off work, you’re off work!

The more aware you are about your state of being the better you’re able to deal with burnout from work when it arises. Learn to listen to your emotional and physical cues to avoid burnout. With a self-love routine and a few wellness tips, you can invite peace and harmony into your life.

Don’t suffer in silence. If you’re struggling to cope with burnout from work and everyday life, speak to someone in your organisation. You can also seek out professional advice at Better Help, the worlds largest 100% online therapy service.

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