Top 10 Best Personal Development Books of All Time

Every day is an opportunity for growth and the right book can take you to places you never even dreamt of. If you’re looking for some of the best personal development books to add to your collection you’re in the right place. From enforcing better habits to practising gratitude, each one of these literary hits will challenge, shape and inspire you.

There’s nothing like the cosiness of your warm, inviting bed, especially when you’re forced to get up and get your day started. Like many of us, we spend our mornings flitting around trying to juggle all of our responsibilities, sometimes even dropping the ball in the process.

Hal Elrod, the magician of productive mornings, has written the holy grail to making the most of your time. In his book, he teaches the fundamental principles that will help you to unleash your full potential. From adopting purposeful silence to using the power of visualisation, this morning manual will transform the start of your day and empower you for a successful life.

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It’s amazing what a shift in your conversational style can do for your personal life and your business. Celebrated writer and lecturer Dale Carnegie is the author behind this classic and one of the best personal development books of all time. His practical advice and tips will take you from infamous to famous as you learn how to navigate social situations and win over new clients.

If you struggle with confidence reading this book will make it a thing of the past. Don’t miss out on this bestselling sensation and turn your life around with some help from one of the greatest minds in social academia. Not only will you gain a 360 view into your behaviour when interacting with others but you will also uncover the greatest truths that will help you to win friends and influence people.

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When you’re constantly running around and can’t seem to stand still you lose sight of what is in front of you. With The Power of Now, you’ll stop the world spinning for just one moment as you gain some composure and heal from within. The Power of Now is one of the best selling spiritual and personal development books that teaches the importance of living in the present.

This simple message will transform your way of thinking and trigger a spiritual awakening that will change your life forever. Through this book, you can discover inner peace and handle the highs and lows of life with grace and ease. This is a must read – don’t miss out!

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Top 10 Best Personal Development Books of All Time

Get a handle on your finances and explore the secrets of success and money management. Robert Kiyosaki shared invaluable information that he picked up from his ‘rich dad’ that will change the way that you see and spend money. From the moment that we are born many of us are programmed to hold negative beliefs about money that lacks abundance and focuses on scarcity. Rich Dad Poor Dad will give you the power to challenge those ideologies and improve your financial IQ.

Interesting and engaging, it’s easy to see why this book is such a hit. If you’re a spendthrift looking for more direction and an insight into how you can become a success then look no further. Explore the complexities of liabilities and assets and gain a solid outlook on how you can transform your finances.

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This comprehensive and powerful overview will show you what you are doing that is hindering your success. Our daily actions and habits can either catapult us to success or cause us to fail. This book is exactly what you need if you’re looking to make positive changes to the way that you live your life. Whether you want to conquer the business world or take control of your personal circumstances these 7 steps are guaranteed to give you the tools you need to shift your attitude and behaviours.

As a result of this book, you will find that your mentality toward productivity will change for the better. Each habit is broken down and explained in a way that will make you feel empowered and ready to take on the world. If you haven’t read this book what are you waiting for?

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This is the perfect marriage between the Law of Attraction and personal development books. There is nothing more powerful than gratitude. When you incorporate being thankful into your everyday lives you will see miracles take place that will shape you into becoming a better person and attract your dreams. The Magic is part of The Secret franchise and one of the best books to be released in recent years that has revolutionised the way that we see one simple term, ‘thank you.’ 

This 28-day programme is designed to raise your vibration and encourage you to see the bright side of life. Each activity for the day will make you realise how much gratitude you are missing and restore a sense of positivity to your life. The incredible manifestations that have taken place from readers using this book are inspiring and have changed lives for the better.

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This is another brilliant bestseller on the topic of breaking bad habits. With 4 simple steps and by making tiny little changes, you can expect the guidance of this book to get you back on track and aligned with a more organised and together version of yourself. James Clear’s easy to grasp teaching style has added tremendous value to everyone who has had the pleasure of picking up this book.

Included in this masterpiece are the anecdotes from Olympians, CEOs and esteemed members of the scientific community. Each story will give you a greater perspective on life and access to some of the best life hacks that you will ever come across. It’s a resounding 5 stars from us.

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This no nonsense approach to personal growth and business development is exactly what you’ve been missing. Following the ups and downs of Curtis ‘50 Cent’ Jackson’s life, Robert Greene dissects the strategies needed to beat your fears. This book isn’t for those who are looking for fluffy ‘you can do it!’ messages and warm sentiments – this is raw, hard-hitting and extremely honest.

Be prepared to look in the mirror, face the darkest parts of yourself and understand what is holding you back from achieving greatness. With insights into 50 Cent’s life and the analytical frameworks that Robert Greene provides, this book comes with our highest recommendation and regards.

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The science behind this revolutionary morning routine will maximise your time and create a productive morning so you can improve your health, life and career. Robin Sharma uncovers the positives of rising bright and early which opens up a new world of opportunities. Here you will find that you become more focused, driven and proactive, not just in the morning but throughout the day.

Free yourself from the digital distraction of life and foster a healthier approach to taking control of your being and vitality. If picking up your phone and swiping through social media is the first thing that you do in the morning then you need this book! Don’t hesitate to buy this gem.

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Modern living can take its toll so when we find the time to indulge in reflective thinking and meditation it brings endless joy and a deeper perspective. At the heart of Stoic philosophy is the perfect guide to living a peaceful life. This page-turner features powerful quotes, anecdotes and daily meditations.

Spellbinding and captivating, The Daily Stoic will teach you to look inward and give you the push to do, be and achieve more. This thoughtful blend of ancient wisdom and present day tips and advice makes this book so much more than self-help – it is truly a gift.

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These personal development books are guaranteed to help you improve and grow in all areas of your life. Want more life hacks? Read our ’10 Habits of Successful People’ for the ultimate guide.

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