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Life-Changing Feng Shui Hacks

From boosting your bank balance to attracting your true love into your life, the art of Feng Shui boasts countless benefits for you and your home. Taking an active approach to improving the look and feel of your pad with feng shui hacks will not only improve your mood but it will enhance your homes aesthetic. 

What is Feng Shui?

This ancient Chinese philosophy uses strategic interior and spatial design to increase the flow of energy and harmony throughout the home. The three basic concepts of Feng Shui are; the five elements (Wu Xing), Chi (Qi) and Yin and Yang.

Each of the five elements – wood fire, earth, metal and water – carries its own unique vibration. They act as the building blocks of our material world, together they create harmony and transition between one another.  

Qi when translated means vital energy, it flows throughout our body providing vitality. When our Qi is out of balance when can suffer from fatigue, pain, weakness and hormone imbalances. Qi can be expressed through Feng Shui using a variety of different shapes and colours, each selected according to its deeper, spiritual meaning.

Yin and Yang focuses on creating balance between Yin (feminine – dark) and Yang (masculine -light) energies. Both must come together in harmony and establish completion through Qi energy.

feng shui hacks

Plant Babies

Utilise the life-affirming energy of plants in your home and benefit from its natural, abundant Qi. As an added bonus, plants will neutralise and fill the air in your home with fresh oxygen. Here are some abundance bearing plants that you should place in your home:

Money Tree: This prosperous plant will help you to attract wealth and abundance, place it in the southwestern corner of your house to activate its money multiplying energy.

Rubber Tree: Detoxify and bring positive energy into your home with this attractive plant. Positioning it in the southeast and eastern corner creates serenity and peace.  

Orchids: Beautiful, classy and elegant, Orchids are in a league of their own. Manifest romance and love with this stunning plant. Display it in the bedroom to attract intimacy and the relationship that you desire.

4 Feng Shui Hacks

Turn your house into a home with our mini-guide. Once you apply these methods you’ll notice a difference in the way your living space feels. Here are our top Feng Shui hacks.

Keep Your Bed Clear

Allow positive Qi to circulate throughout your home without obstructions. Many of us make the mistake of using the space under our bed as storage. While it can help you shift random items out the way, it creates chaotic energy that can disturb your sleep patterns and throw the energy in your home out of balance. Though unseen, the vibration of our ‘under the bed mess’ can have a detrimental effect on our space. 


If you have draws under your bed or you absolutely must use the space under your bed as storage then be selective about what you choose to keep and only store soft items such as bed linen and towels.


Tame your inner hoarder and channel your inner Marie Kondo by having a big clear out. We tend to accumulate items and knick-knacks that take over our space and create stagnant energy which affects our Qi and the relationship that we have with our homes. By decluttering you will see a significant change in the feel of your home, by removing unwanted clutter you will unblock the energy in your space and make way for new, positive vibes. 

Start by prioritising and organising your clothes, shoes, paperwork and anything else you can find. Be vigilant and donate or recycle your unwanted items, our motto is: ‘If it doesn’t have a place in our home, it doesn’t have a place in our lives.’


Close The Lid

Don’t take a drain on your finances, you can use Feng Shui to boost your bank balance and cash in by simply changing the way that you use your toilet. Yes, you heard right. In traditional methods of Feng Shui, it’s custom to keep your toilet lid closed to avoid flushing your money away. It is said that vital energy that’s rich in abundance will escape down exposed drain pipes, affecting your cash flow by creating disturbances in your finances.

Quite simply, keep your toilet lid down! When you’re not using the toilet and when you’ve just finished up ensure that you are consistently keeping the lid closed to keep your money firmly in your pocket. In addition to your toilet make sure to keep your bathroom door closed and pop plugs in your plug hole.

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